A very English conflict

A VERY ENGLISH CONFLICT- the Warwick University Files affair – a personal note from a participant- Trevor Fisher    A note giving the context to the account of the Warwick Files Affair published as Warwick University Ltd Ed E. P.Thompson, … Continue reading

Marlowe and Watson

Mark Eccles – Christopher Marlowe & Tom Watson – in Elizabethan London dell writing matters june 2018 – marlowe -Eccles \CM & Marlowe 1934 web vers     13 09 Notes on –Chistopher Marlowe in London Harvard USA, 1934, Octagon  NY 1967- … Continue reading

Bamford & Peterloo

Bamford & Peterloo Samuel Bamford and the reform movement after Waterloo Whatever Mike Leigh makes of Peterloo in his forthcoming film (due for release November 2018), he can hardly ignore the autobiography of Samuel Bamford Passages in the Life of … Continue reading