Marlowe’s last bow published


Author- Trevor Fisher

Published – Viewpoint publications

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A well reasoned and admirably clear account of the issues”. Professor Ken Pickering, Chair, Marlowe Society

The disappearance of Christopher Marlowe on May 30th 1593 is an enduring mystery. This appeared to be

solved by J Leslie Hotson through historical documents found in the Public Record Office. The official account showed Marlowe being killed in an act of self defence during a quarrel. However this account only generated a second set of mysteries. As Eugenie de Kalb pointed out in a review in the Times Literary Supplement, the official account did not stand up to analysis. Over more than nine decades, controversy about what happened to Marlowe – and how this relates to what was happening in Elizabethan politics – has revolved around acceptance or rejection of the official report.

This pamphlet present the two key documents of 1925 and their viewpoints, to examine the positions advanced and how the roots of the controversy were established. The debate started in 1925 shows no sign of being resolved, and cannot be unless the issues raised by de Kalb are addressed.

Trevor Fisher September 2016.

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